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Stockyard Plain 26-29 Mar 2010
Stockyard Plain is an area administered by Sth Aust Water. It is a water disposal basin for the saline outflow from the underground water in this
part of the Riverland. The 1870ha disposal basin is about 20km SW of Waikerie, off the Sturt Highway between Blanchetown & Waikerie.
Most of these photos were taken from hides or from a car with 400mm & 500mm lenses, both with 1.4x teleconverters on a Canon 50D.
AustralianRaven AustralianRingneck AustralianShelduck1 AustralianShelduck2 BandedStilt Black-backedMagpie
BlackSwan Brown-headedHoneyeater1 Brown-headedHoneyeater2 CommonBronzewingF CommonBronzewingM CrestedPigeon1
CrestedPigeon2 GreyShrikeThrush JackyWinter MuskDuck Red-cappedPlover Red-cappedRobin
SingingHoneyeater Spiny-cheekedHoneyeater1 Spiny-cheekedHoneyeater2 White-browedBabbler White-frontedChat WillieWagtail
Yellow-plumedHoneyeater Yellow-throatedMiner