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Distance from Adelaide
Number of Bird Species
84 km
35° 33′ 52″ S  138° 37′ 50″ E
26 ha.
How to get there.
Granite Island lies about 1km off Victor Harbor. It is accessed by walking or taking the horse-drawn tram across the causeway from Victor Harbor.
The island offers outstanding coastal scenery with a walking trail and lookouts. Seabirds can sometimes be seen with a scope. Guided walks are available after dark to see the Little Penguins that inhabit the island. There is a restaurant to relax in and enjoy the view. The list of birds seen here is small but the island is still worth a visit for the views.

Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor)

This smallest of the Penguin species feeds on small fish and squid.
Ashore it is vulnerable to attack by foxes, dogs and cats.
Wherever human habitation has encroached on and radically altered breeding grounds, populations have declined or disappeared.

View from Granite Island looking towards Victor Harbor over the causeway and horse drawn tram.