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Distance from Adelaide
Number of Bird Species
60 km
35° 18′ 49″ S  138° 47′ 02″ E
200 ha.
How to get there.
Located about 6 km south-east of Ashbourne. Travel 1.5 km from Ashbourne past the primary school along Strathalbyn Road and turn right at Signal Flat Rd. A further 3.5km turn left into Haines Rd which is on the southern boundary. Parking & entrance is about 2km along Haines Rd. There is also access from Wattle Flat Rd. from the east, although this is sometimes closed to vehicles due to wash outs.
This undulating park comprises of Pink and Cup gum, with a dense understorey of prickly acacia and mixed heath. As the vegetation in the park is so thick and dense the best birding spots are along the edges, especially Haines Road. There are several fire tracks cut through the vegetation but the bush is too thick to allow access beyond these. A native grassland with scattered Blue Gums thrives along the park’s Eastern & NE boundaries.
Short-beaked Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus).
The Echidna is one of only two egg laying mammals (monotremes) in the world. The females have a single external opening through which faeces, urine and eggs are passed. The Echidna is characterised by its beak-like muzzle and powerful claws, which it uses to dig for food. Their diet mainly consists of termites and ants. The claws point backwards on the hind feet to assist in digging.