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Angas River Reserve - Strathalbyn
Distance from Adelaide
Number of Bird Species
54 km
35° 27′ 23″ S  138° 35′ 85 ″ E
100 ha.
How to get there.
From Adelaide the easiest drive to Strathalbyn is via Mt Barker and Wistow. The Angas River flows through the centre of the town and has paths and open areas on each side. By parking in one of the carparks or streets next to the river in the town there is easy access north or south.

By walking along the river banks south under the railway bridge and South Tce you will come to a large area of park mainly on the western side, shaded largely by Red Gums. Many species live and nest here including the Crested Shrike-tit. The more common species of duck enjoy the presence of picnicers in the gardens surrounding the river in the central shopping area.
With increased numbers due to cereal growing around Strathalbyn, Little Corellas have come into conflict with town residents due to their noise and habit of destroying garden trees and plants. There is an ongoing scare campaign which has been partially successful in keeping them to the outskirts of the town.